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Inglés – Automóviles y Vida

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 8 h – Código: 684

Objetivos:  This unit will explore the beginner vocabulary and concepts of insurance.  Word-picture association, listening comprehension, a submit assignment to a tutor and a variety of exercises to evaluate learning will assist students in learning insurance basics. Students will also learn vocabulary through repetition, real-life situations and freeform questions to solidify vocabulary terms.


Insurance vocabulary

The course content introduces beginner vocabulary in the area of Insurance. There is pronunciation practice and the learner is exposed to verbal and written practice of the vocabulary. Sentences and definitions of all vocabulary are available for full comprehension of the terms. Vocabulary includes – annuity, casualty, moral hazard, maturity value, insured and proposer.


Typical situation – Telephone life insurance sales

In this lesson, students will practice their understanding and comprehension by listening and following along with a typical situation in a real life situation. We will be listening to a phone call between an insurance salesperson and a potential new client regarding life insurance.


Dialogue – Questions from a customer to an auto insurance representative

The learner will work their freeform speaking by answering questions that are asked related to auto insurance. The questions will be sample questions a customer would ask an auto insurance representative.



This activity will further reinforce vocabulary understanding. Through a variety of different interactive methods, the consolidation lesson with take all vocabulary of this unit and continue learning skills.


Additional Exercises

In this activity, students will answer various types of questions to evaluate understanding of previous lessons. They will answer true or false, fill in the blank and multiple choice questions to name a few.


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