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Inglés – Salud y Viajes

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 8 h – Código: 686

Objetivos:  This unit is centered around more advanced terminology in the insurance field.  Students will progress and learn in a similar fashion as previous units. Students will model native speakers in repeated word and picture associated vocabulary, many different styles of vocabulary practice through exercises including a final lesson encompassing all terms from this course. Students are asked to follow conversations, submit an assignment to a tutor for feed back and provide unprepared answers in dialogue section.


Insurance vocabulary

In this final section of insurance, students will be exposed to more difficult vocabulary. Terms will be defined and a sentence provided to enhance vocabulary. Vocabulary includes – aleatory, convertible, exclusions, fortuity and indemnify. Students can practice their speaking and at the same time learning what each term means.


Typical situation – Car accident and insurance

This spoken real life situation is presented for students to expose student to vocabulary and a typical situation in regards to insurance. We will listen to two friends speaking about car insurance after an accident.


Dialogue – Looking after our health and insurance

This activity will prompt the learner to practice speaking by asking a series of questions related to insurance and health.



Activities are presented to student to confirm comprehension of terms and concepts studied in this course.  Understanding will be measures with various styles of questions such as multiple choice and unscrambling sentences.


Additional Exercises

This activity will further reinforce vocabulary understanding. Through a variety of different interactive methods, the consolidation lesson with take all vocabulary of this unit and continue learning skills.


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