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Inglés – Enfermería

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Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 12 h – Código: 770

Objectives: Learn vocabulary related to various areas of the medical fields, including: nursing, being a patient, and working as a doctor or specialist. Study typical situations and common vocabulary while practicing comprehension and pronunciation.

Nursing – The doctor’s diagnosis
Learn typical vocabulary a doctor will use in the general practice of medicine. Work with sentences using this vocabulary, and understand the medical terms in context.
Nursing – Working as a nurse
Learn the typical vocabulary used by a nurse in nursing school or at a hospital/doctor’s office.  Practice sentences using this vocabulary in the context of helping patients.
Nursing – Typical situations – A day in the hospital
Study two typical situations found while working in the medical profession, including: An ambulance driver talks about his work day with another co-worker / Parents coming to talk to the nurse in the nursery.  Practice listening and repeating the sentences to develop vocabulary and pronunciation.
Nursing – Visiting a doctor
Learn vocabulary related to a patient describing symptoms to a nurse/doctor.  Practice with sentences learning how to describe ailments on various parts of the body.
Nursing – The specialist opinion
Learn some of the technical vocabulary related to the specialist doctors that focus on more than the general illnesses.  Use sentences to practice understanding these terms in a medical context.
Nursing – Typical situations – At the doctor’s office
Study two typical situations related to working in a doctor’s office or a hospital, including: A patient asks a nurse/doctor about his/her condition / A doctor and a nurse discuss treatment for a patient. Practice repeating the sentences to develop vocabulary and pronunciation.
Nursing – Dialogue – Let’s discuss medical professions!
Today we will discuss working in the medical professions and their associated vocabulary.  Practice using the vocabulary we have discussed in the previous lessons when answering these questions. Record your answers.
Nursing – Consolidation
Let’s review what you have learned about doctors, nurses, and patients in the medical field.
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