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Inglés B1-I

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 60 h – Código: 655 – Precio: 450,00 € Objectives: The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas. In this block the…

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Inglés – Construcción

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 15 h – Código: 688 Objectives: The course provides the necessary language tools to recognise and use common vocabulary and expressions that are used in the construction industry. CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY The course…

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Inglés – Automoción

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 23 h – Código: 689 Objectives: During this course the learner will acquire the necessary language skills and vocabulary to successfully understand oral and written messages of an intermediate complexity in English…

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Inglés – Petróleo

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 23 h – Código: 690 Objectives: This course is designed for people who currently work or would like to work in the petroleum industry, specifically those that are rig based. On successful…

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Inglés – Enfermería

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 12 h – Código: 770 Objectives: Learn vocabulary related to various areas of the medical fields, including: nursing, being a patient, and working as a doctor or specialist. Study typical situations and…

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Inglés Americano C1-II

Modalidad: Teleformación – Duración: 30 h – Código: 702 Objectives: In this block the learner will consolidate the material from the previous Blocks. In this Block the learner will consolidate the necessary knowledge to pass satisfactorily…

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